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"Cassandra Leoncini has literary chops, heart, brains, and the dedication to help anyone along the road to their dreams.  You couldn't be in better hands."
                               --Stephen Bodio, Querencia
"Cassandra Leoncini is the best thing that ever happened to my writing career...  She's a writer's dream package!"
                   --Sal Trento, Field Guide to                           Mysterious Places series
"Cassandra Leoncini provided the motivational and informational foundation that expanded my career to the next level.  She is a first class consultant--none of the hype, all of the guidance you will need to be successful in writing and publishing."
  --Bill Beckwith, Ph.D., Memory Management
"Cassandra made it so much easier for me navigate the complex world of self- publishing for what is now my award-winning, first children’s book. With a lifetime of publishing experience, she offered wisdom, passion and commitment as I embarked on the final stages of editing and printing. She kept me on track when I needed it most and gave me the confidence to know when to finally call it “done.”  Cassandra is a fabulous guide and dedicated consultant for anyone looking to publish a book."
           --Lori Preusch, Delivering Dreams

"Cassandra offers publishing world acumen, and more. Working with her can bring a writer to synchronicity gifts beyond the fluorescent cubicle and flat screen. She moves through wild lands of the West and archetypal realms, if you dare!
Mary-Anne de Lany, The Wayfaring                                                     Traveler series
"Cassandra has devoted her career to books, and we can benefit from her accumulated wisdom. She has helped me and another friend to transform our manuscripts into books we can be proud of. Both books were published commercially and have been reprinted many times, which might not have happened without her help."
       -- Marjane Ambler, Yellowstone Has Teeth,                         A memoir of living year round
                        in the world's first national park