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Publishing 101

Do you have a book in mind?  In hand?  Wherever you are in the creative process, it is never too soon to realistically evaluate your publication potential.

With a clear understanding of your publishing options--the limits and bounds, the costs and rewards, risks and satisfactions of each--you will be prepared to make an informed decision about which avenue is best for you and your work.

Today's publishing world changes daily.  It is a dynamic, often confusing and daunting business. Whether you are seeking an agent to represent
your work with a major publisher, planning to self-publish a print-on-demand book, an e-book or an audio book, an experienced publishing consultant
will serve you well.

And every writer, whether this is your first or your tenth book, can benefit from collaboration with a proficient, insightful and supportive editor!  

Your work deserves the same integrity in its editing, production, marketing and distribution as you devoted to its creation.  Now is the time to make that commitment with a professional consultation.
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