Leoncini Literary Services
2020 Retreat is Rescheduled!
      writing round the trees      a transformational writing retreat  oct 14-18, 2020
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Leoncini Editorial Services

All consultations are customized
to the writer and the project at hand.
The creative process is meant to be
enhanced, not corraled. 
Manuscript Evaluation
Is your book publishable?  Marketable?  What are its strengths and weaknesses in today's market?

Have your manuscript professionally assessed.
Developmental and content editing are my specialty.

Professional Referrals
How to find the right editor, illustrator, agent, publisher, designer, printer, distributor and/or marketing help for your project.  

Career Coaching
Pursuing more than a one-book career?  Define
your goals in industry standards and develop a professional plan of action.

Contract Assistance
How to understand a contract that's on offer.  How to negotiate a contract in your own best interests.
Fee Schedule

$35 per hour or by the Project